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Pros and cons of scent solutions

Pros and cons of scent solutions

Pros and cons of scent solutions


Operates without water or a carrier oil. (NEVER ADD WATER).

Does not heat the essential oils, uses cold air atomizer.

The aroma oil molecules suspend in the air for hours.

Does not add humidity to space.

Programmable and easy to use.

Promotes better sleep

Clears lungs

Supports respiratory health

Supports emotional health



Cost of unit.

Hum, although minimal.

Candle Diffusers provide an ambiance but also present a fire hazard.

Wax Melts Safer than candles, Risk of spillage, Risk of harm, Maintenance.

Plug-Ins present possible fire hazards, need periodic replacement, and are easy to bump into.

Sprays turn sticky on floor due to accidental discharge.

Essential oil in diffusers are extremely diluted, which causes them to crosses the blood-brain barrier slowly. The diffusers themselves use heat to diffuse.

Car Scenter requires buying refill pads which don’t last long.

Reed diffuser requires periodic rotating, and is quite strong while filling manually which could cause nausea.


As you can see, Atomizers/atomizers, mixed with Aroma Oils are the best solution on the market.