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Why use Aroma Marketing

Why use Aroma Marketing

Why use Aroma Marketing

Scent marketing is the power to tap into human behavior through the sense of smell.


Savvy hosts use various smells in an attempt to influence which information visitors retain, and how they behave.


Key benefits:

  • Visitors evaluate scented experiences highly.
  • Guests are therefore less uptight in a “scented environment”.
  • Patrons are more willing to re-visit, be it in memory or IRL (In real life).
  • Research concludes; the sense of smell affects about 75 percent of our daily emotions, and plays the major role in memory retention and recollection.


Why is scent marketing crucial?

  • Scent sets the mood for the upcoming transaction, However personal or Professional the setting.
  • Nothing beats strategy and above all, preparation.
  • Strengthens the perception in addition to the bargaining position of the host.
  • Encourages repeat visits while keeping visitor dependents distracted.
  • Promotes overall health, in other words, mindful of asthma & allergies in humans and pets.